The dew drop

Started counting these dew drops to give a date & time stamp to my scribbling. But as my friends liked them and added extra drops of glistening inspirations with each of their comments which are really precious for me, just tried to etch it into a presentable one to the blog world. But specially I would like to thank Shreeya (my wife) for being with me when I kept myself awake for nights to design the look as well as poking me to write stuffs with the smallest ideas. 

Well, am not a regular writer, neither I have that expertise to do that even. I pen down some of my feelings that I overcome in my daily life into short stories and poems (so called) but that too once in a while (thanks to my busy schedule). The poem/article/stories or whatever stuff you are reading on the home page may be the last something from my heart. So if you are not finding any new in my home page regularly or from days then just wait I will be back.. after sucking in the idea from life and fighting with the schedule for time.. with a new stuff.

Thank you so much for visiting!!

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