Sunday, June 30, 2013

2 Will you marry me?

... So there is this Vivan kneels down in front of you and it starts raining in support of me. I hold your hand.. it's awkward you look left and right but then into my eyes, then only realize that you are getting drenched...deep.
"I know Payal Sharma,
(Picture Courtesy: Google search)
We haven't met so often, We haven't talked so frequently to know each other, I know that falling in love with an angel like you is a dream for me.. But truth is I have made a place for you in my my soul, I love you Payal.. right from the day I knew you. I may not be of your league..I may not have that big bank balance..I may not take you to Switzerland.. But Payal I promise I will keep you happy.. whatever I have given you and will give you is my best in the existing world and I bet nobody rich can match it... I will hold all the shopping bags when you will go for shopping, I will carry you in my arms to our apartment every time we will return from dinner (of course you have to maintain this figure ), yes we will find a sasta, sundar and tasty hotel for our dinner, I promise I will make coffee everyday and wake you up.. deal pakka deal. We will make love everyday till 70 ( I have increased 10 years from the age we used to discuss), I know I am not that good match so we may fight.. But when I will fight then you slap me.. when you will fight I will spank you..& hug you.  We will have our twin baby.. junior Vivan and Junior Payal. (payal is mine and Vivan is yours. take a note..I am not going to compromise) .... I pause.. you pause... 
will you marry me??


Bindhya said...

Very cute proposal :-)

Pranabananda Jena said...

Glad that you liked.. :-)

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