Thursday, June 27, 2013

7 Life II...

Continued from  Life... (Part-I) 

He was on his way back to home and thinking of again about the possible situation there. Till now he has done enough studies by reading each and every article appears after typing "pregnancy, how to get pregnant, science of conception of child and all related terms on Google and his close friends were also coming with handy tips. He knew these 4-5 days are important to try when counted the ovulation time. He stopped his bike to the lone florist on his way to home and picked two most fresh roses of the bunch. Back home when reached her mood was light he could feel the first reaction she would give to him when he reaches normally tells everything and today it was her cute smile. "everything seems to be fine" He says to himself after hiding the roses as part of his so called big plan.

The dinner is finished. Crap !! the maid is not coming from last two days, he remembers. This means doing plates & utensils on own.  He thought of helping her doing the utensils. he doesn't like but there is no other way to make her join him early in  the bedroom. He enters into the kitchen and there she is already in work. tucking the drape into her waist she is at the sink. A deep look and she has still those perfect curves intact down her waist. Hair tied covering the skin the blouse always exposes.He felt like missing them. A sudden look back of her brings him back to reality. She smiles. he smiles back & starts arranging the utensils in the kitchen behind her 
"um humm someone is really generous today ! what's the matter ?" She says a bit cheekily 
"couldn't see a beautiful woman doing everything all alone on her own."
"oh is it ? then where were you all these days?"
"I was observing"
"you are lacking energy in our "us time". so thought of saving some of your's by sharing your work"
"youuu naughty !.. and I don't think so that has ever happened. but there are times when you have excuses"
"oh that's past. but I am different today. aren't I ?" he holds her waist
"oh yes I can see that.. now will you go or ..."
he kissed his nape not letting her complete. "come soon I am waiting" He knows she was smiling.

Back in the bedroom he glanced with a quick look. he had a few minutes before she comes. quickly he takes out the roses. gets the petals out from two of them. puts it on the fan. one day before he had experimented this trick with some paper. "I guess this will work with petals and movie tricks in real life" he mumbles and slows down the fan speed. and keeps the other two. light the two candles and put it on the two sides of the two air conditioner. He tested it by switching the light off. "perfect !" the word comes out. he has done every thing what it needs now it's up to the luck. the miracle which their doc. said is needed for them. It's the intensity and passion which is going to work for them. and these 4-5 days he is going to give  every effort for her. they have tried some or other special things in during their initial married days. but not in recent years surely it's going to work. he had belief.

"why did you lock the door? what are you doing ?" she calls from out.
"wait a min.. opening.." he gets ready and pops his head out of the door.
"what's going on??" she yells
"turn around"
"why ??"
"just do it"
"but..." he didn't let her complete
he turns her and suddenly blindfolds her 
"what are you doing man ! you are crazy"
"yeah I am. now come" he pulls her in.
she feels the chilling effect of ac. he locks the door.
"so something is in your mind
"i know you are reading my mind and you surely are going to like it?he puts her right under the fan where he knows the petals will fall.
"you can take off the blindfold
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she takes off. He just then switches on the fan. he knows the delay he had already adjusted the speed. The petals starts falling. movie things happen in real life.. . "wow it's so's beautiful..." she looks at him, their eyes locked deep and intent with love. He steps backward and take out the roses... "for you" he had shortened it not being filmy but never making his eyes missing her's. she takes it and immediately hugged him. he hugs her back. "I love you" she  manages to say. "I love you too" she hears back. 

"The time stopped & forgot to move,
As the embrace weaved the net of  love,

Dissolved with the fragrance of rose petals,
breeze from fan played music to their souls,

Amidst the warm silence all around,
hearts pounded words million & beyond,

Passion waves rising up & higher,

made their clutch even tighter, 

His hands moved with strategy to kill,

She surrendered like a kitten against his skill,

With the Kisses, squeezes along with,

she ruffled & mumbled when he moved south.

He became proud, she was vulnerable already,

their bodies danced with each other's melody,

Lost in ecstasy eternal, they winded being one,

they kissed each other,  awaiting the new dawn."

"It's a miracle almost. now you need to take care of her" Dr. Mahi's word was reverberating in his mind. He was at the waiting in lounge out side of the delivery room. He had his eyes closed, resting his head to the wall. Amidst the prayers the nostalgic feelings was rolling in his mind like a flashback. It was the first sentence she had said after few silent hours of observation of her report of her gynecological  complication, when they visited her for for their first check up. 

But was this just a miracle happened to his life? Was the passionate lovemaking, her earnest desire to bear a life within her were the links for the miracle? Was the fact of his younger sister-in-law going to be mother first made any difference to their try for this cause? Did the taunting words of his mother make them closer and made them loving each other even more? Does the fact of "accepting life as it comes and facing it, enjoying it.." really plays a big role in one's life? Isn't life itself a miracle? He heard the cry of a baby in the delivery room.

(Sorry !! for being so late in the bath room and making you wait so long. Blame the peanuts )


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Bindhya said...

Its worth waiting for Life II from ages :-), it has come out beautifully..

May GOD shower all his blessing on Life's II couple

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Thank you Bindhya ! :-)

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Uma Maheswari Anandane said...

Wonderful story based on love!

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Thank you Uma! for your appreciation. :-)

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