Tuesday, April 9, 2013

0 The TABULA RASA story

He calculated... recalculated it again & again by his own statistical method, the chance of finding her or getting any trace of her in the sea of crowd in the fair was less than 1 %. The whole sultry afternoon he has been weighing the should and should‘ve with the logical balance his mind has created. Then someone inside said him that he can get some inputs for his business even. He looked at the clock on the wall in front of him rolling continuously without making any sound as if it had all it’s plan to slip out. It was 4 PM. He sprung up from the mattress laid bed and picked up the best pair of clothes a black pant and a navy blue shirt. It took less than a minute to wear them, he was a kind of hurrying. When he was ready he checked himself on his mirror and looked directly into his own eyes. A voice resonated “you have to do it… you have to give it a try”.

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He was on his bike throttling fast to the annual business fair in the city inaugurated 4 days back.  It was Sunday and he has this belief that she would come… she would come as she always do. Not just this fair she never misses any major event in the city & he smiled remembering how she loved discussing her experience with him. She was a free spirited bird in the free spirited culturally rich city.  But the belief that he had scratched in his sodden heart was getting washed away with the giant waves of flash backs of her memory. Just like the day they were on beach and he tried to capture a snap of her name written on the sand along with the approaching waves. waves kept on washing away her name. The more the wave washed her name the more he tried again being determined and he succeeded. Love is always a craziness between the two hearts. Will I succeed today even? He asked himself.

They were together for 3 years not much time after he saw her in a social gathering. She was in a black tops and blue jeans. A Red scarf with black embroidery hung around her neck was making her elegant among all the girls. Her open black hair was a perfect match to her fair skin. With perfect length they were like a second plateau in the dark sky night. Displayed to the front they ended just down the perfect hills. Her kajal lined eyes had a special glitter, like the brightest star in the sky. Fluttering in rhythm with her natural lipstick-less lips when she was talking they made magic to him. The long fingers had red nail-paint. The wrist watch was simple leather band one and was another match to the black beauty. The diamond and gomed rings were topping which were saying she believes in astrology. Like many guys in the party he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He didn’t want to miss even a second of watching her and during this long gaze. Perhaps somehow his abruptly fast beating heart beats sent some connecting vibes to the beautiful heart she had possessed. Towards the end he found her looks fixed on him.

He pressed the brake on the red signal. It was the last traffic on his way to the fair. Signal turned green and he pushed the start button and throttled hard to reach the odometer at 70. The determination stiffed his forehead again. The voice inside him echoed again that “ I have to meet her once no matter what she says .. no matter how she reacts but he has to tell her what made him fail to be good lover, what made their love story failed, just one meeting and I will not wish anything… I will not pray for anything .. he remembered Ganesha his favorite, with the momentary close of his eyes…

...To be continued.


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