Monday, April 2, 2012


Fate one

She just had returned from shopping and had lunch. Before laying on bed she looked at the calendar on the wall. Yes 46 more days and Then she will be all P's. Almost everything is over for the marriage. The smile flew from her heart and clang to her curvy lips. She lied on bed and thought of P. How much he loves her, understands her feelings. 
Just then her cell beeped. Some unknown number was flashing She was no mood to disturb her thoughts. she let it ring till it got disconnected. But to her surprise the ring came again. This time she picked up with a grumpy mood. 

She: Hello !
He: Hi !

The voice was familiar. someone of more close. But she couldn't remember.

She: Yes. Who is this?
He: Yesh I knew you can't recognize. and why should you? 

His voice was getting heavy.
She couldn't believe her ears. is it really him? Oh my god? 

She: You ?
He: Yes me S

Tears appeared in the corner of her eyes...

He: How are you ?
She: I am good. You?
He: does it matter?
She: You never tried to know..
He: yeah I know it's all my fault.
She tried to suppress her state of sobbing
She: so you still remember me.
He:  When did I forget and do you think I can?
She; everything is possible in this world and then time is there. it helps.
He: So you were trying to forget me.
She: it doesn't matter now S.. I am getting married next month.
He: But what about me?? what about us? our relationship??.. of 12 long years.. How can you do that? doesn't they matter to you T?? "I love you".. I love you T... 

She couldn't hold more... tears were already flowing but after listening this she held away the phone and cried..The world stopped right there... 

He: T...? T...? He was calling again and again
She: yes..  she replied acting normal.
He: I am going today in eveining flight. want to meet you. in our old place and our usual time.
She: It's of no use. Nothing is left. everything is fixed. 5th is the date. You took a lt of time S. You remember.. I expressed...I pleaded... I waited.. Just an yes would have been enough for me to wait for you for lifetime.. But  you excused your settlement.
He: Nothing is changed T.. I just want to meet you. I can explain.
She: But I don't want any... leave me as I am. P is a good person. He took care of me well in last 2 years He will keep me happy and moreover he loves me even after knowing about you.
He: But I just want to meet you once.. say yes.. for me... for our those 12 years.. I have done ticket. I will wait.. and I know you will come.. come for the shake of our love. just once...
she became silent..
He: say yes T
She: don't make late.
He: I love you.. kisses.

After putting down the phone suddenly P appeared in front of her eyes.. he was just smiling innocently as he always does. tears were still in her eyes. She was confused..confused for the love of 12 years which she has always craved and the man who loves her and committed to be with her  for rest of his life. He took care of her when she was broken. He has a good family. good job and he is marrying her early only (in spite of his recent job) to take her out of this depression.. the depression which is originally gifted by S. He has struggled with his family for her.. to approve their love. Can she dump him??

She picked her cell ..

Fate two:

It was Spring. The park has become full even before 4. She was waiting for him between the children with their mummies and the couples holding each other's hands. She looked at her watch. damn ! the time is not rolling. Whenever she wants this time to roll fast it will slow down. She still has 30 mins more. Don't know he will reach in time or will make late as usual. In spite of being a girl she always has waited for him. "don know why do I love him so much" She said to herself. someone from inside replied he is the one... she smiled.
But last some days have been rough. She had made him agree to meet  surely but was in deep thought how to convince him. Don't know what has happened to him. The couple who were the example between their friends are "no no nothing will happen.. everything will be in track today" she said to herself. After all she has always won whenever there were fighting and this time she has put everything on bet. just to get him back. Whenever they had a fighting which usually she wittily wins and convinces him he always teases her saying "Toppers always top" everything.

"damn me" she said again. Thinking of her IAS coaching in Delhi. Situation wouldn't have been this bad if she wouldn't have decided to go out of his sight. But he himself had pressed her to go for IAS after she topped in college. It was he who said that coaching in Delhi is the best in country. She can't forget their one day trip to the sea beach when she topped in state level.

."Yes this is called fate"  she sighed. She has been a practical girl from her child hood. Never allowed this stuff of love to touch her. But never she noticed when N's love touched her heart and acquired it and today this practical girl has lost everything and ready to loose whetever she has left for the love of her life.

"Hi !"
She came out of the nostalgia. It was him. After a gap of six months she was meeting him. He has the same charm in his eyes.. But perhaps he has put on some weight. She smiled...
"Hi ! .. let's go there it' crowded here"
she said pointing a empty bench in a comparatively less crowded corner.
They started walking but this time he didn't hold her hand unlike others and unlike past meetings. She felt it.. she wanted it.. was looking in his eyes from the corner of her eyes. He was different this time. The pain which was already poking seemed to be started to hammer her heart.

They sat on the cement cast bench.
She: You seem to have put a bit weight..
He:yeah two kg

She: Why are you so rude?  still angry with me.?
He: No I am not neither angry nor rude. it seems so may be..

She held her hand this time. couldn't stop herself. "N I am sorry .. very Sorry.. please forgive me"
He: No there is nothing to be forgiven.. It's all my fault. I was thinking our love is eternal, pure.

She: It is N and it will be always.. It was just a formal ask.. I was so far and and I heard that you are with that bitch so I just... and  I do feel sorry N
He: How could you do that S ?? You spied ?.. on me??? you could have asked me directly. Weren't we open enough... 
She: I am sorry N...
He: No S nothing is left. You don't have confidence in me. It' just finished..
She couldn't hold her tears anymore.
She: Oh N please don't say like that It's never the matter of confidence N, I have the confidence on you.. I love you.. I have given everything to you whatever felt right at that moment. Think of the past 5 years of our love. Think of the moments we spent together.
Still he was not showing any glimpse of emotion..
She called his name. "N...?"
"It's over S"
she literally bend down to hold his leg.. with tears flowing as if a line of water.. "N don't do this I beg of you !"
He:  "Oh S ! why are you creating a scene here in public place?"
He stood up and then she did.. they both looked at each other for a second & more before it is dark there.

She tried to wipe her tears with the hanky but it was all wet. She sat there on the bench soulless in the darkness around.


sowmya said...

ohh pranab!now please give me a dozen of hanky! after reading this stuff,can u hear my sob! :(

:D what is this man!well good narration! :)

Pranabananda Jena said...


I know I know.. I should have worked on it before publishing.. just got some thought and rambled it..

Bindhya said...

As usual narration is fab,Story is emotionally touchy.. you keep readers hooked till the end.

Pranabananda Jena said...

Thank you Bindhya ! It's an encouragement.. but seriously I think it's a overdose of emotion.. but Glad you liked it. :-)

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