Saturday, March 3, 2012

2 Something...

It's been months (5 months and 11 days precisely) I have not been to here. No I am  not blaming anyone or anything for the long absence. Just thought of taking a break and  it turned into a vacation. Thanks to my friends who kept me nudging to write "something". It's true that time do fly if it is not held. In this span a lot of changes to life has happened. Started new ventures, lost some good friends and there were incidents that took me close to the reality of life as well as etched my heart.

It all started when on that sunny day while on my way to office. I was happy and humming a song. The national highway was moderately crowded and certainly I also was maintaining the safe portion to my right. Every thing was good until a speeding car turned much left while overtaking the truck that was on my right. Before I could understand anything it almost had touched my bike with a frightening sound of braking. My heart pounded heavily and everything went silent. Thankfully I must be at a speed of around 50-55. Nothing happened except that deadly sound that till now I had only heard in movies. I gave the car way with a stern look to the driver as if he was going to care. It passed but all the movements around me had stopped. It was just blank for a moment.  Mind asked what would have happened if the touch was a collision. Felt like all bank with the scary thoughts and sudden burst of ""What if" questions. Thanked almighty again and again while the pictures of my closed ones started popping in front of me. Suddenly I was in love with my life. I always knew it is vulnerable but experience counts. It was one of the hardest day of my life to spend in the office. 

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While returning after the scary day I was about to cross the last traffic that comes on the way to office a scooter loaded with two men and a woman stopped by my side. The woman must be at her early thirties and was holding a kid perhaps of around 5-6 months in one hand. With her pink little frock and chubby cheek she was no way less than an angel. The innocent eyes filled with twinkles were glancing here and there from her mother's shoulder and stopped looking at me. Something pierced my heart. I was about to yell at the callous lady that at least wrap her well if you have no other option. But again thought that may be she is helpless to afford a rickshaw or auto. Suddenly she yawned, looked even more cute and again looked at me. The green light signaled  and they took the other turn. But the scene of those innocent eyes and the yawn was live on the rest of my way. I went philosophical as I was pushed towards another dimension of life. How helpless it can be. Why it is so? I reached home and took my kid in my hand looked into his eyes and kissed him. I felt "something" wet in my eyes.


Bindhya said...

Narration is too good,all scenes were like 3D vision floating in front of my eyes.

Pranabananda Jena said...

Thanks Bindhya!
for dropping by...

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