Tuesday, June 28, 2011

16 Life...

She was sobbing.. Just like a baby. He put down his bag on the study table at the corner of the room and hugged her. She cried more but he held her tight in his warmth filled arms, didn't utter any single word. While returning from office he was thinking of the possible scene at home but never thought of this. She was sounding much depressed than ever. But always a warm hug works magic... She was getting calm with that delaying sobbing sound.He kissed her forehead and said "don't worry we ll make it happen this month".

"you said the same last month too" she said with her subduing cry.

"yes we tried.. didn't we ? but still there were gaps in between. This time we ll leave no loopholes okay?" he tried to convince her with making the wrap of his arms firm.

She said nothing just snuggled her face into his chest. He put his chin on her head. Thanks to the height difference they got, they have always cherished this, even they loved this putting chin on the head thing. Then he forwarded his feet and pushed his thumb to her toe. She understanding what he signed moved herself to his feet and stood on them. He made her feel more comfortable by adjusting his arms as well as the clasp. This has been their signature cuddle they discovered during their courtship days.

"Don't worry hunny it's only third month we have been trying. people have tried much more. told you about Sudhir na.." He uttered to break the short span of silence.

"umm.. I told you to do the tests"

"When did I deny.. It's only the fourth month.. so let it b over. Then we will do the tests and everything as doctor said. Because I know what they r going to say and then we won't have any regret also." he said rubbing her back with his right hand while the left hand was brushing her hair. he knows how she loves this pampering.

"umm" now she was playing with his buttons being almost calm. He took a deep breathe and thanked GOD she is like this.. he can make her calm with his cuddling love. Now to change the topic and make her out of the state he abruptly said

"Ei baby !.. Now come on  wipe up your eyes & give me some snacks am hungry!". He unlocked his arms.

"Yeah" she said looking at him with a subtle smile. Her eyes are still moist. He took her drape and wiped the cheeks, stained black with the mark of tears and kissed her forehead.

"Shall I say u one thing" she said with her serene eyes which is just filled with new hopes.

"Yeah say" with a deep look into those eyes he replied

"This time we won't miss a day, no observations"

He smiled in response and it broadened her smile making it distinctively beautiful. So fresh ... aah!! How he love this smile ! world's best indeed.

"Okay baba we won't.. If u say we can do it now even". He winked & giggled naughtily. She giggled back & pushed him away. "paapi aatma !!" (Sinner soul) she scolded him with that even lovelier smile. She always reacts like this when she is not in mood to flirt back.

"You change am getting you some peanuts" she headed to the kitchen.

She went out of the room and he just kept looking at her with his smile. Such a sweetie pie she is!! he said to himself with a sigh. He started to change while happenings of past started to roll in his memory lane.***

They are happily married from last four years after a courtship of two long years. She always had this thought of having a baby once he touches 30 which he is now. she is 27. A close-to-perfect age difference they have.  As per the on going trend this is the ideal age of having a baby she had argued several times with him whenever the debate happens in their lonely hour.

Apart from this she had thought of other factors like savings, her own professional life (as she had expected she excelled herself to promoted to Project manager in a renowned IT Co) and many more things which she had faced in her childhood and didn't want her baby to go through the similar situation. They married early as per the present trend but didn't allow other calculations of life to go wrong. now they even own this 3BHK house and of course the Ford Figo which they bought this year as she has liked this car most among the list they made. so they almost have everything to be happy.

But the dynamics of life as well as family has changed from past four months. His younger brother has married this summer and the new member in the family has all hurried up to bring another new member in their family. of course they don't stay together, their family is scattered in two different cities where the younger one works. Good thing is this gives her in-laws an opportunity to have vacations in between, which she has always loved. But the current vacation of her mother in law is taunting, tearing & hurting her from inside. Even the community ladies have now joined the bandwagon to fire their different words, synonym of infertile which is wounding her not less than any deadly weapon. She did quit her job last week to avoid stress. As doctor said that stress of any kind can be a good obstacle in conceiving. They are doing everything possible to make a new life evolve inside her. But this just-in-time thing only works in modern day manufacturing not in real life.

Also this miscalculated factor is making their relationship worse with the younger one who has been sweet till now, especially with the elder bro. Though the two brothers stay in different city they never make any chance of family re-union to go waste, maintaining the family bond strong and nurturing it even stronger. 

Amidst these thoughts suddenly again that big question raised in his mind "couldn't he wait for some time before thinking of having a baby.. couldn't he think about me? how could he decide to go for baby being even so educated and he is so young!! gosh! that too within couple of months!! stupid fellow..."

"Now don't make late. finish it early and make yourself fresh" A sudden voice dragged him out of his thoughts. she was there  with half a bowl of peanuts. He started ticking off the peanuts and looked at her face. The smiling face has turned pale by crying from afternoon a kind of swelled too. Until yesterday who was a beautiful, bubbly and bindas woman in every aspect what has life made her today! oh God !! Oh life!! Don't give her such pain.. he said to himself & hurried for bathroom.


(To be continued...)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 The Journey

It’s late in the night with rain on it’s prowl,
Let me make you my prey oh my doll!!

Filled with love and passion immense,
Come, roll into my arms & hold me intense.

Let’s dance, let's kiss, let me make you wet,
With my hands kneading your thighs, hips & waist.

Make me your seat uncovering my hairy chest,
But I will roll on you and will ride you on step next,

Passing my lips through the mounds n valley
Oh baby! Let me make the pleasure so heavenly,

Gliding the fingers on the flat road of your belly,
I pause & poke the pothole to send the shivers slowly

In circles and rectangles I steer my tongue for  a wet trail,
You writhe, you moan, your legs spread & I access the triangle well,

Exploring the curves, cracks & the sphincter,
Let me quench my thirst with your dripping nectar,

Suddenly you say 6 and I reply 9 with lust in my eyes,
And the number we form gives my yearning a steep rise,

Digging your nails on my back, you squeal & twitch with a leak,
I go on with teases more & more, till you guide me for the prick,

Gripping your assets & waist the speed becomes faster,
You arch your back biting your lips feeling the destination closer.

With the heaviest quiver, I fill you.. I feel you, up to your womb,
Panting both we say I love you.. I love you with consecutive spasm.

I kiss the eyes, the cheek.. 
when You hug me tight with your strength all,
Lying spent in early morning we realize..
the journey we started from a roll & reached each others soul.

P.S: Edited it after the first publish.J
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