Monday, January 10, 2011

19 A break to remember

That was another hectic day in office. I Was busy with some drawing and it’s layout and was exhausted towards afternoon. Badly wanted a break but the sense of completing the task was all over me, not letting my eyes off from the drawing. Suddenly my cell vibrated. Though was not in a mood to talk to anyone not important, after glancing the number for a second picked up the call and said hello..

The caller: hello! Could I speak to Mr. X?

Mr. X: (the voice was pretty good) yeah speaking.

The caller: am calling from Bank of dream and we are having some good offer for our valued customers.

Mr. X:  (elated by being valued high though didn’t know how much high is his value) oh! Okay…

The caller: Sir ! we are offering loans at a very low interest. Would u like to avail this opportunity? 

Mr. X: how much low? (The sweet voice of the caller was giving him a high to ignore the low interest part)

The caller: @ mere 2 %.

Mr. X: (in a state of suspicion surprise & suspense) well.. How come I haven’t heard of this in spite of a regular reader of business news?

The caller: No sir this is our special offer for special customer like you. So it has not been in media.

Mr. X: (smelling something fishy) how come only taking a small loan from bank of dreams that too for a low end entry level car makes me special?? By the way am not interested. Neither have I had any plans to invest now.

The caller: but sir don’t you think that this much of low interest is worthy to think of investments.

Mr. X: and up to what limit u r offering this loan?

The caller: up to 5 million sir ! and sir are you married?

Mr. X: yeah I am.

The caller: even we have a fabulous offer for married persons too.

Mr. X: (the doubt of being fooled was getting thick) what offer?

The caller: Sir if you are married to one person then u can avail this 2% interest offer and if you are married to two persons then you have to pay only 1%.

Mr. X: (unable to judge and understand what to do whether to laugh or whether to scold) what!!
I said na am not interested.. By the way tell me who are you and laughed..

The caller: (with laugh) why don’t u guess..

And we both laughed.

PS: Later I had asked her if they had any plan for the person married to 3 people hoping that the loan would be interest free. But only she laughed in the answer.
Well… in the whole conversation once again I acted as a nerd and again realised that how poor am in handling intelligent conversations. But it was good break to remember. J

Monday, January 3, 2011

21 ...and I missed you

Oh Shreeya !...Why aren't you here !
Missing you badly.. wish could get you near.

Now listen my dear..
How much I missed you ...when and where

In the morning...
Opened my eyes with drowsy feeling,
Done my prayer to make the day big,
Thought what would be the best to add some zing?
... and I missed you to wish me a good morning.

In the day...
I was on the road when it rained at once,
Made me wet with it's cool splash,
The road got empty but my heart filled with romance,
...and I missed you to have ball dance.

In the evening...
On my terrace, when enjoying the sunset,
A breeze with fragrance of your hair came from east,
I closed my eyes & stretched my hand to the fullest,
...and I missed you to do a titanic act.

In the night...
The sky was clear & full moon was there,
Stars were twinkling, making it beautiful more,
Remembered about their numbers you always been eager,
...and I missed you to count the stars together.

In the bed time...
The bed was white & blue was the light,
Remembered your pink night suit while saying you good night,
The way you say "don't touch" when I want a hug tight,
... and I missed you to have a pillow fight.

... and I am missing you.

PS: Again reproduced an old poem written on 22nd August 2004, 3.00 am

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