Wednesday, September 21, 2011

13 Weird !

It was dawn & I was running incessantly that too on a road which seems to be like some highway or something but why? Certainly it was not jogging. It can’t be. I was in my jeans and vest so it can't be. Damn! I am bare foot too. Where are my shoes? Then why am I running at this hour of the day not sleeping at my home? What the hell is happening? And where am I on earth? Questions start erupting in my mind like popcorns on the fire making sounds louder to stop me. I stopped; it was getting bright and darkness was fading. Oh my God! I yelled to myself, how can I be here on this highway? After observing here and there I was recognizing the place, okay read it roads. It's way far from my home. The roads were swamp may be it had rained last night. But unlike those regular crowded days there was no sign of any human being. The scene was reminding me of apocalypse I had seen in some Hollywood movies. If yes, then I must be the protagonist saving the mankind. I felt proud and confident. I felt like wearing goggles. Every hero puts that on in such movie. Crap! I have my spectacle. I can’t. Anyways this would have been surely a different movie where hero fights with zombies putting his specta on. No even I can fight without specta too. I can see well. It’s just the small numbers or letters what I can’t see that too from a good distance. What if when zombie(s) will appear I will throw my specta to the sky and it will just fly up and up until I finished fighting. Yes! That would be a new thing. I will finished fighting and raise my hand looking down at the fallen dead zombie and the spec will fall directly to my hand. Wow!!  But what if, it’s just an overdose of watching horror(ible) movies. I shook my head & slapped myself, nothing changed. Everything was like that as before.  I have to reach home, but how? I moved my hand towards my butt. Sliding my palm smoothly on my jeans till it reaches... Stupid! Don think anything else I was checking my wallet.  Nah! don't even have my wallet. I see three people are coming towards me. Zombies? Another popcorn (read question) pops up. Where is my weapon? Nothing I got. Well may be I have to use my own hands and clever mind and no doubt I will kill them.. no hero gets killed by zombies.. I look at them... wait! they are not looking like zombies.. they ae looking like normal human beings. Suddenly a vehicle passes me. It had 6 wheels 2 of which were really big. No it was not any futuristic vehicle I had seen in movies. It was a tractor! And the people wanted a lift the tractor stopped. And they jumped into the trolley. Suddenly something struck to my mind. The tractor is going in the direction of my home. It may take me to my home. I run & run...& run just like a hero and jumps to the trolley and join them on board... the tractors keeps moving and we cross a bridge. Suddenly something happens. Everything went blank.

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I opened my eyes and found myself lying on some green field or something...I woke up looked here and there. It’s a new place with greenery & something like river was there. I looked to myself.  I was in a gorgeous shirt. My Hitz shoes were back in my feet. Yu whoo!! May be apocalypse is over! I screamed and started walking..nervousness was all over me... {is your mind popcorning up the question “where?” don’t worry I also didn't know where was I going so I kept going and you keep reading} I could see a house. It was not a mansion, a multistory building facing a beautiful garden, filled with flowers of different colors, damped in the morning dew {yes.. yes the dew of dropping dew}. I pluck a rose which I can reach standing there at fence. Looked here and there and plucked another one actually that seemed to be more beautiful and fresh. Don’t know why the house owner didn’t have any gate. Good for me. Then as if I know where I am going, I turned towards the left side of the house when the front door was right in front of me. I saw another door. Knocked it and there she was… the beautiful and the gorgeous without a single trace of makeup and the night suit was making her kind of sexy... she was more beautiful than her snap. I just stood there unmoved agape... Until she called me with my name in her sweet voice and pulled me inside. My heart beat became quite faster.. as if it will come out within next some minutes.. but I held her… held her tight to her hands each in my either hands.. and kept looking at her.. I couldn't took my eyes away.. Surely she had charmed me or I wanted to save all those in my memory. She smiled.. i replied with my smile.. and uttered “you are more beautiful than your snap…” She in her natural way said .. “Don’t talk much”. But I caught her blush and her face was glowing reddish. Couldn’t stay. pulled her into my warm arms to held her against my trembling heart.. as if she was waiting for this..and hugged me back..  It was eternal. Complete bliss. As the time went I increased my clasp and so did she..I could feel her all of her.. her heart beat her nervousness.. her shivers. her unspoken words that Oh dear where were you? I missed you.. it was silence all around except our heartbeats and our racing breaths. I don't know what made me but after a good pause I kissed her. She clutched my fist. She responded. After some time I broke up & whispered “I love you” and she whispered back “I love you too“ looking straight into my eyes. Her eyes were deep.

We broke the hug and sat on the sofa. She was careful of any incoming to the room so was I. I handed over the roses I plucked.. and said “for you. Sorry couldn't get anything other than this.. that too from your garden.  But these were the best in the bunch.” She smiled and took it from my hand. {I could have kneeled down and like they do in movies but I didn’t. kept it simple silly!} We talked..  being close sometimes holding her hand sometimes playing with her hair. I pulled her to my... {wait now if you are expecting details then am sorry! I am unable to remember them and then they must be something private which I can’t write here too even if I remembered. Already I have written so much of sleaze that the post may need to be censored. So sorry for that.. okay just for your information we did many things that you imagine the protagonists do after DoorDarshan diverts the camera to the lamp or something else even before they kiss}

Don’t remember what happened. She went in. it was late morning. I could see the other PG or the owner don't know showed their moves. I came out of the guest room and was enjoying the view in garden. Suddenly she appears not in her night suit but with a salwar followed by a lady. she was looking gorgeous her sexiness has turned into her beauty. I guessed she was her mom and she was. As she introduced us I bowed my head. She smiled & looked at her. Then followed a middle aged man. I look at him and again bow my head. He had no mustache. I then cheekily whisper in her ear that I was thinking your dad must be having mustache. And then I heard her mom saying to his papa "he is good". I nudged her. But I felt blank. I nudge her again. Again blank. No one was there. Flabbergasted I looked for her. Where did she go? And I woke up. The clock was showing 3 AM in morning. I smiled. Took some water and laid on my back. My eyes were getting closed with the smile that was still prevailing on my face.  


sowmya said...

hey pranab!
i know you are a great dreamer!:P
but today i came to know how much u dream jumping toward almost all the world hahahaha lol
:D oohhh God!!!
always in a fantasy world! both during day & night!
i must say u are a special creation of God...seems trying to compete him :P :D
well written really enjoyed! :)
keep dreaming & updating ur dream! :)

Pranab said...

Thanks Sowmya!

Bindhya said...

:) nice dream ! this is an awesome, crazy , cool dream ! the way you have written is hilarious ! you kept my smile ON throughout :)!
I LOVE reading your weird dreams like this ! enjoyed lot !

but.... why you woke up at 3am, u could have dream more na ......
....... and am waiting for life-2...

Pranab said...

Thanks Bindhya! :)
Didn't know that you like weird things... :P

Well, Life II is in draft mode. hope it will live up to your expectations.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I would say interesting.. not weird! :)

Pranab said...

Thanks dear ! for dropping by.. :-)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Pranab..

I've two suggestions for u ..if u don't mind!

one, u can keep color of the letters of ur post more brighter.. Two, u can put short paragraphs..

Hope u find them useful..


Pranab said...

Hi Promoda !
Thanks for dropping by as well as commenting and you see I didn't mind at all. changed the font color. but I am not working on the paragraphs and all. will surely keep your words in my mind next time.

Thanks once again !

Priya Joyce said...

hahahaha i thought so :P
With the things getting more and more extraordinary I just guessed it was a dream...
dramatic dreamer u r :P

WonderWall said...

You have Impressive visionary.... Keep blogging :)

Pranab said...

Thank you for dropping by. :-)

yeah am back! and will keep it going Thanks for the comment.

Mansa said...

Interesting and nicely written!

Pranab said...

Thanks Mansa ! :-)

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