Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 The Journey

It’s late in the night with rain on it’s prowl,
Let me make you my prey oh my doll!!

Filled with love and passion immense,
Come, roll into my arms & hold me intense.

Let’s dance, let's kiss, let me make you wet,
With my hands kneading your thighs, hips & waist.

Make me your seat uncovering my hairy chest,
But I will roll on you and will ride you on step next,

Passing my lips through the mounds n valley
Oh baby! Let me make the pleasure so heavenly,

Gliding the fingers on the flat road of your belly,
I pause & poke the pothole to send the shivers slowly

In circles and rectangles I steer my tongue for  a wet trail,
You writhe, you moan, your legs spread & I access the triangle well,

Exploring the curves, cracks & the sphincter,
Let me quench my thirst with your dripping nectar,

Suddenly you say 6 and I reply 9 with lust in my eyes,
And the number we form gives my yearning a steep rise,

Digging your nails on my back, you squeal & twitch with a leak,
I go on with teases more & more, till you guide me for the prick,

Gripping your assets & waist the speed becomes faster,
You arch your back biting your lips feeling the destination closer.

With the heaviest quiver, I fill you.. I feel you, up to your womb,
Panting both we say I love you.. I love you with consecutive spasm.

I kiss the eyes, the cheek.. 
when You hug me tight with your strength all,
Lying spent in early morning we realize..
the journey we started from a roll & reached each others soul.

P.S: Edited it after the first publish.J


Bindhya said...

Good flow of words....sensuous, yet not dirty...sounded like two people are truly in LOVE..

Pranab said...

Thanks Bindhya !! for dropping by.  Tried to pen an erotica for the first time for a different taste. Hope it is worthy..

Shreeya said...

Beautiful.... although these lines don't go with ur personality as u r so shy n reluctant.u tried ur hands on a completely different topic which is awesome.... u definitely have a good skill of writing n this u have proved. w8ing 2 read more frm u mayb some good humour....

Pranab said...

Thanks Sweetheart!! For the heartfelt comments !! surely I will try to make you laugh... soon.. :-)
Keep visiting !

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