Monday, January 10, 2011

19 A break to remember

That was another hectic day in office. I Was busy with some drawing and it’s layout and was exhausted towards afternoon. Badly wanted a break but the sense of completing the task was all over me, not letting my eyes off from the drawing. Suddenly my cell vibrated. Though was not in a mood to talk to anyone not important, after glancing the number for a second picked up the call and said hello..

The caller: hello! Could I speak to Mr. X?

Mr. X: (the voice was pretty good) yeah speaking.

The caller: am calling from Bank of dream and we are having some good offer for our valued customers.

Mr. X:  (elated by being valued high though didn’t know how much high is his value) oh! Okay…

The caller: Sir ! we are offering loans at a very low interest. Would u like to avail this opportunity? 

Mr. X: how much low? (The sweet voice of the caller was giving him a high to ignore the low interest part)

The caller: @ mere 2 %.

Mr. X: (in a state of suspicion surprise & suspense) well.. How come I haven’t heard of this in spite of a regular reader of business news?

The caller: No sir this is our special offer for special customer like you. So it has not been in media.

Mr. X: (smelling something fishy) how come only taking a small loan from bank of dreams that too for a low end entry level car makes me special?? By the way am not interested. Neither have I had any plans to invest now.

The caller: but sir don’t you think that this much of low interest is worthy to think of investments.

Mr. X: and up to what limit u r offering this loan?

The caller: up to 5 million sir ! and sir are you married?

Mr. X: yeah I am.

The caller: even we have a fabulous offer for married persons too.

Mr. X: (the doubt of being fooled was getting thick) what offer?

The caller: Sir if you are married to one person then u can avail this 2% interest offer and if you are married to two persons then you have to pay only 1%.

Mr. X: (unable to judge and understand what to do whether to laugh or whether to scold) what!!
I said na am not interested.. By the way tell me who are you and laughed..

The caller: (with laugh) why don’t u guess..

And we both laughed.

PS: Later I had asked her if they had any plan for the person married to 3 people hoping that the loan would be interest free. But only she laughed in the answer.
Well… in the whole conversation once again I acted as a nerd and again realised that how poor am in handling intelligent conversations. But it was good break to remember. J


Bindhya said...

:-D....... nice

divya said...

Happy to see another 1. You are able to find some time from your hectic schedule :)

Pranab said...

@ Bindhya: Thanks ! for dropping by...

@Divya: Good to see your comments again.. :-). yeah these writings responded by comments have started to give me happiness

Anonymous said...

Even if one comment makes you smile , all the effort to post is defintely worth it ! :) Okay now coming back to the post , the 'bank' call opening line made me think that it was a prank played by one of your friend , because I too did it same for someone :P:) Good to see your light , humourous post that act a breath of fresh air amidst your tight schedule and yeah needless to say , it made me smile too ! :)

Pranab said...

Thanks Aarti !
hope I ll be able to explore this emotion/feeling of "humor" more in coming days. :)

Ellen aka Ella said...

Fun post, sounded like a prank, but then the potential~ Fun Read!

Pranab said...

@Ella: Thanks for dropping by !!

Shreeya said...

ur attempt to write somthing humourous is indeed praiseworthy.but....u cud hav added few more lines at the end or may b that's ok as the saying goes "samajhdar ko ishara hi kafi hai".

w8ing to read from u....

Pranab said...

@ Shreeya: Thanks again for dropping by and for ur sincere comment. again point noted and will take care of it in future.. :-)

chatterbox unplugged said...

nice post.....a smile to brighten up the day ..

Pranab said...

@ Shiny: Thanks for dropping by... and it really feels good to make others smile atleast if not laugh..

chatterbox unplugged said...

@ Pranab...... laughing out loud is special but a smile which spreads warmth to the heart is special too :D each has its own niche you see !

Pranab said...

@ Shiny: yeah.. right. Thanks felt good. may be next time I ll write something to make the reader laugh..

Chandana said...

ok... did that really happen to you???

Anyway its hilarious :) good one!

Pranab said...

@ Chandana: Thanks for dropping by... :-). yeah it happened.. :-(

Talha said...

It was real treat reading it. Loved it!!

Pranab said...

@ Talha: Thanks !!! :-)

Valli said...

All smiles :]
Happy post

Check this post

Pranab said...

Thanks a lot valli !!! ... for everything ! for dropping the comment, for including me in the list.. :-)

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