Thursday, November 4, 2010

7 Simply Crushed !!

It was January. On that day sun was brightening and warm, sky was clear with a vibrant blue paint combined with white unlike the last two days when it was foggy like a scary scene show on discovery. The guy was in a hurry to reach in the tutorial. it is only 5th day of the class and from last two days it has been cancelled and he didn't want to take any chance. After all he has been a scholar in his career & promised himself to be a good engineer. He looked at his watch and pumped up his cycle's paddle faster. "What the hell !! from where did this wind come?" he said to himself. He has to cross the 3 km long barrage against this wind. But the pleasant weather, the scenery of the up-stream side of the river where the sky and the clear blue water calmly touched with each other made him smile. Nature has always made his heart joyful.

The barrage was a bit lonely at that time unlike the other days. but suddenly something other than the beautiful nature was caught by his eyes. The girl was also struggling to paddle her cycle against the wind. she was fair, her hair which was open & was continuously dancing with the wind, the body hugging white salwar-kameez with red spotted chunri was making her much more graceful from her back, The body out line he was seeing from her back was perfect. Now the the boy felt as if the wind has turned into soothing breeze. he forgot his pain of paddling the cycle and intrigued about what he was seeing. he paddled a bit faster to go closer.

he was a meter away from her and was cycling keeping pace with her speed. he closed his eyes with the fragrance coming from her.. what is the perfume? he asked himself and thought why his sister is not using this one. Now the red chunri was also dancing with the rhythm of wind turned breeze as if they are showing the heroine in slow motion in the movie. ah ! he could see her face from her right side. she seems to be beautiful. But suddenly a thought came to his mind how will he see her face ? How will he look at her? He is not good at dealing with girls. Even in his school, though it was co-ed there were 4 girls only. what if she will think something bad if he looks at her?

But he decided to see her gathering  all his courage. The barrage is about to finish also it is bifurcated to two opposite directions. who knows where will she go? what if she doesn't go in the same direction as him? he could see the exit of the barrage. his heart has started beating fast. may be faster. but why the hell he is behind the girl? He looked at his watch. holy shit he is getting late. never reached late in any class so far. no I have to be fast, he said to himself. and paddled faster with the pace of his heart-beat. 

He was almost parallel to her. looked at his corner of eyes to her, yes he is parallel to her. he was looking straight. his heartbeat became more fast. shall I look? he asked himself. what if she looks at me? shall I smile? oh shit ! why she is getting slow? should I be also slow? no .. not at all.. oh ! god she is staying back.. shit! .. way behind...leave it. damn me couldn't even looked at her. he cursed himself again n again. ok let's go. he said to himself and maintained the pace.

leave it. this is not my cup of tea.. these girls r like that..I don't need any girl. someone was saying within himself. let her go. but she was beautiful... perfect. as perfect as I had thought of one. he looked at his right side to the upstream of the river. it was the same calm, serene and beautiful.he smiled again and looked straight.

Suddenly he realized a cycle following him and getting closer. his heartbeat became fast again. is he slow? no it's the normal speed. ok he said himself be calm. why are you so nervous? what is the guarantee that it is she? he said himself and took a deep breathe and he looked to the right. she was looking at him. beautiful !! someone said inside him he felt like his brain has stopped working. "where do u study?" she asked with her smile and he realized that he is also smiling.

and after 12 years remembering this I am thinking what a nerd I was ?


Anonymous said...

that was an awesome read!!!i was practically glued to the comp---my nose nearly touching the screen---I could see the boy and the girl trying to keep up pace---great piece--keep writing-you can go places my friend!!

Pranab said...

@ WANDERER: Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome .Although it sounded kinda filmy , your every word created an image in my mind , as though I was watching a movie :) Beautifully written !! :):)

Pranab said...

@ Aarti: Thanks for dropping ur views !! May be extra dosage of words . will take care of it in future.. but fortunately it was real. :-)

restless said...

Very well written! Very good! It was not filmy really, but it created the visual! The reader, at least I could feel or hear ur heart beating fast!!!

Keep it up! and the title is also very apt!


Pranab said...

@ Restless: Thanks for being a good analyzer. :-)

sowmya said...

oooooooooooooo! what a narration! :)

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