Sunday, October 3, 2010

5 Testimonial to an eternal beauty

Writing for her is a challenge another,
Forgive me oh reader ! if i make any blunder.

Met her not so long back in feb. this year, 
made me felt angels exist even on earth here.

A bit poor in expression but high in affection,
you ll always find her hand on ur shoulder caring ur emotion.

But beaware, dare  u hurt her feelings any,
she ll never forget to shout u pound and penny. 

A girl she is, with a heart of gold and brain of diamond,
Balances well her study, parents and stuffs of house hold.

Really lucky i am to get her around me, my shadow as if,
wish may she get more than everything she wished in her life.

Oh Princess ! am not a poet enough to express how beautiful u are,
A feeling straight from my heart for ur soul, you should be aware,

be assured this is not a script copied from somewhere,
lemme tell u alphabets can be copied but not the feelings are..

Take care...


Dhanurdhar said...

Your poetry is simple and good, better than so much of gibberish found on the net. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pranab , that was the most simplest yet lovely poem I have read :) Its straight from heart , and as Dhanurdhar said , its very fresh and away from 'gibberish' stuff found on net ...Continue writing ! We are here to read more much beautiful pieces ! :)

Pranab said...

@ Dhanurdhar & Aarti: Thanks Buddies !! I was thinking that no body likes simplicity and I also have to adopt the modern style.. but anyways it just gave me a punch to think fresh... :-)

sowmya said...

hello pranab!!
when u wrote such a beautiful & soulful lines..though i missed to read that time...
i am happy to read it now!!keep smiling always...

Pranab said...

Thank you Sowmya !! Am glad you liked... be it late.. as they say na better late than never :-)

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