Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 About me Version 3.0

An uncomplicated soul but emotions perplexes often 
Searching the reason of my existence in the life ocean,

Shy, stubborn & good listener, I am by nature.
Join me and u ll get a friend good yet mature,

A workaholic in office and a loving husband at home,
My small eyes are full of dreams; still the best is yet to come,

You may find me annoying at times, but I know how to make u mellow,
Mutual love and "respect to each other" is the principle what I follow,

Just jumped into this platform to get some buddies bold and brainy,
Want to explore people while being explored not for string any,

Being myself sailing the life in this crowd of million,
But not alone, like my shadow I find her always on the pillion.

Sometimes smooth, at times rough I know this journey is quite tough,
But her love is there to make it soft, I am sure the destination is not far enough.


sowmya said...

i wonder! how did i miss this post! so finding
it hope u might have not got yet :D how sad! did u?
"jumped into this platform to get some buddies bold and brainy,"

nice pranab! :)

Pranabananda Jena said...

It's really good to see your comments Sowmya !

Thank you !

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