Wednesday, September 29, 2010

0 I love you

Sky is beautiful again with the fairy moon playing with cloud,
Hiding and seeking while stars twinkling and enjoying around.

For sure u r not here but your memories are making u feel beside in real,
Your head on my shoulder & my hand on ur waist let’s enjoy the scene well.

Oh my-my !,  look how the moon beautiful  is shying away looking at ur face brighter,
Again the strands of hair, being naughty brushing ur face and making you beautiful more.

Clutching my hand with yours, you are mesmerizing me with your unique fragrance,
Now am envying even the cool breeze, daring to touch you in my presence.

Being helpless pulling u to me and whispering in your ear “u r only mine” with a kiss light,
Oh ! your shivering making my eyes closed while melting down in my arms with my hold tight.

Diving into your eyes deep and getting lost together, while lips are slowly coming closer,
Wishing to die in your arms like this and I know it will be fulfilled as a star falls in the horizon far.


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