Monday, September 27, 2010

0 My testimonial to siren-of-Tarzan

Attempting to describe the best persona, almighty made with grace,
will try hard, as I know words 1024 will never be suffice to praise,

clearer than crystal, pure than 22 carat gold
Gentle as a person she is childish, sweet and bold,

cooler than the full moon, soothing than the spring's breeze,
Very good as a friend she makes you forget your woes at ease,

warmer than the sun in winter morning, sensuous than the smell of soil on first rain,
sexy as a lover, i bet she will make her husband long for the passion again n again

In this orkut jungle, neither the juicy strawberry nor the tasty blackberry,
She is the sweetest fruit having elixir of life, I named her JUNGLEBERRY.

With love... 


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